Vegetarian Eggs by IIT Delhi

‘Mock Eggs’. Does it sound mocking? It is confusing but still is good news for all those who are trying to adopt a vegetarian diet due to personal choice. So if you are a vegan and still want to relish the goodness of eggs then Mock eggs are for you. One of the projects developed by students at IIT Delhi was Vegetarian Eggs at Industry Day.

Vegetarian Eggs at Industry Day, IIT Delhi
Actual Ingredients

The vegetarian eggs are made up of moong dal (green gram) which is a product derived from a plant. Surprisingly, it tastes and feels the same as normal eggs. You can cook these eggs into your favourite omelette or scramble them. It possesses protein components and fulfills all your nutritional requirements for protein like a normal egg. Moreover, zero cholesterol makes vegetarian eggs a more nutritional option.

Healthier Alternative

Sources claim that these eggs are best for those who want to stick to being vegetarian. There is no fear of animal diseases like bird flu. This research will be helpful for general masses as it would prevent them from eating eggs and meat pumped with hormones. In addition, cost of vegetarian eggs set to be similar to normal eggs. You need not spend extra bucks in the name of eating ‘healthy’.

Eggs by Pixabay
What’s Next?

The product was showcased on Industry day at IIT Delhi where more than a hundred industrialists marked their presence. The project is financed by Four Pursuits ventures. Now, the team of researchers, headed by Kavya Dashora, in IIT Delhi is making efforts for mock meats which include mutton, sausages and, other animal products which will be available as plant- based products. Rahul Deewan from the funding company stated that this innovation would bring prosperity to Indian farmers by increasing demand for moong dal.

To conclude, it is an exceptional outcome which has provided a better option to the public to consume food according to their choice with excellent benefits on the environment.

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