Pulses Prices in India as on 24.09.2019

Pulses kharif crop production in India is estimated at 140.57 million tonnes this year, which is lower than previous year as per reports released by the agriculture ministry. Witnessing new crop arrival of Urad, Moong and Tur Dal across mandis in India. Due to reports of crop damage in states of MP and Maharashtra, pulses prices have been upbeat without any sign of going down in the coming weeks.

The reason for low production of pulses is the delay in monsoon and uneven rainfall in India. Parts of India experienced floods and there were parts which had drought like conditions which led to farmers opting for coarse grains cultivation instead of paddy and pulses.

Pulses Prices as on 24.09.2019:

Commodity Price Low (Per Quintal) Price High (Per Quintal)
Moong De Husked (Mogar) INR 8000 INR 8800
Whole Raw Moong Unprocessed INR 6000 INR 6100
Moong Dal Split (Chilka) INR 6800 INR 7800
Moong Dal (Green Gram Whole) INR 6200 INR 6300
Tur Dal Low Quality Unprocessed INR 5000 INR 5100
Tur Dal Unprocessed INR 5800 INR 6100
Tuar Dal (Retail) INR 8300 INR 8800
Tuar Dal (Clean Local) INR 6800 INR 7500
Kabuli Chana (Unprocessed) INR 4000 INR 4300
Kabuli Chana (Retail) INR 8300 INR 10000
Masoor Dal Split Dehusked Export Quality INR 6600 INR 7000
Masoor Dal Whole INR 5200 INR 5600
Masoor Dal Unprocessed INR 4000 INR 4400
Urad Dal Split Dehusked INR 7500 INR 8500
Urad Dal Split INR 5600 INR 6500
Urad Dal Unprocessed God Quality INR 5000 INR 5200
Urad Dal Unprocessed INR 4100 INR 4600
Vatana Dal (Pea) INR 5500 INR 5550
Green Vatana (Pea) INR 6800 INR 6900
Chana Dal INR 5700 INR 5800
Chana Dal (Unprocessed) INR 4800 INR 4950
Desi Gram Unprocessed (Kala Channa) INR 4300 INR 4400
Desi Gram Processed Clean INR 5600 INR 5600
Desi Gram Export Quality INR 5800 INR 6000

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