REX System Application in the EU

The REX system facilitates the designation of the structure of certification of origin as a whole. Read on to know it’s functionalities and application in the EU. 

Primary Functionalities of REX

The three primary functions of REX are as follows:

  1. Facilitates exporters in becoming registered exporters 
  2. Modification of the information after registration
  3. Revocation of exporters

Also, it functions to maintain an apt list of all the registered exporters.

REX System in the EU

The REX system is applicable in the EU in the following instances

  1. For the bilateral cumulation of origin when EU exporters export goods to GSP beneficiary countries.
  2. In other cases, EU exporters exporting to OCTs for benefiting under unilateral preferences granted.
  3. In some instances, EU exporters exporting to third countries have a free trade agreement with the EU.
  4. Finally, re-consignment within the EU.

Current Standing Agreements

As of now, the following agreements are involved in the REX system

  1. CETA- The Agreement between the EU and Canada
  2. The agreement between the EU and Japan
  3. The agreement between the EU and Vietnam
  4. A stepping stone between the EU and Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana.
  5. The standing agreement between the EU and the UK
  6. EPA between the EU and South Africa

Note that the agreement between the Eu and Singapore allows approved exporters to declare the origin of goods. Because the contract concluded way before the REX system came into existence. 

Publication of the Exporters Data

The data provided by the exporter will be published on the official website. Further, the same may be found online on the website. Owing to this, the exporters can verify the validity of the exporters’ registration that submit their statement of origin. Also, the registered exporters can choose not to publish all the data. In case, the exporter decides not to publish the data, a subset of data is available that still allows verification.

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