Punjab Positive Coronavirus Tally Jumps to 2887

Overall coronavirus count in Punjab surged to 2887, close to 3000. As it recorded 82 positive cases today. In the last 24 hours, 27 COVID-19 patients recovered in Punjab. Sadly, 4 deaths recorded today in the state

Punjab confirms 94 COVID-19 positive cases out of every 1 million people. The average growth rate of new infections in the state is 3%.

COVID-19 District Wise Report

Amritsar District remains the worst affected as the COVID-19 tally surges to 529, of which 14 reported today. Jalandhar and Ludhiana Districts follow closely with 316 and 295 cases respectively with 4 and 18 cases reported today. Presently, 20 of every 100 positive cases are active in the state. Pathankot reported highest number of cases today as it recorded 19 positive cases.

Punjab Coronavirus Death Rate and Cured Cases

The mortality rate in Punjab decreased to 2.04% against the national average of 2.79%. Punjab has one of the highest Coronavirus recovery rate in India with a recovery rate of 78.25%. So far, a total of 2259 patients have recovered. Also, the state death toll stands at 59.

Strict Lockdown on Weekends and Public Holidays

Punjab CM, Amarinder Singh announced restriction of public movements on holidays. Further, he adds that people with e-passes that is the medical staff and essential service providers will function normally. Also, the said service providers must download the e-passes from the state’s COVA app. Note that, the e-passes are not for commoners as they are advised to stay home.

Rajasthan to Seal Borders with Haryana and Punjab

Addressing the community spread concerns, the government is considering sealing the state border. Further, every movement between the border will be keenly monitored. Additionally, the commute is restricted unless an emergency. Despite placing restrictions via interstate barricades, the railway stations and airports will also have check posts.

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