PM Urges People to Follow COVID Norms Diligently During the Festive Season

Recently, adressing the nation, Prime Minister Modi urges people to follow Covid norms diligently. Asks citizens not to let India’s stable situation deteriorate.

Virus is Still Here and People Must Follow Covid Norms

Prime Minister appreciated the effort of every citizen in the past seven to eight months in his recent address on Tuesday evening. However, he alerted people not to let their guards down as the virus is very much still around, and even small negligence can bring grief.

Mentioning the onset of festivities and increasing buzz in the markets, he appealed to people with folded hands to wear a mask, sanitize hand sand maintain social distance. Noting the violation of Covid protocols in videos and pictures on social media, he urged people not to be careless as their behaviour can put their loved ones at risk. He asked people to be cautious until the vaccine for Covid is produced.

Resumption of Economic Activities and Testing Efficiency

Noting the increase in economic activities, he said that dispensing life’s responsibilities and maintain caution goes hand in hand. Only then happiness will stay. Hence, people must go on their lives but with precautions.

Government will Ensure that Vaccine Reaches Everybody: Modi

The PM appreciated efforts of health workers who are working tirelessly to provide the best health care to the infected. Besides, he said that every country is working to produce the Covid vaccine. Some are in an advanced stage of the trial in India too. The government of India will make sure that the vaccine reaches every citizen once it is available.

India’s Low Fatality and Positivity Rate

Speaking of the recovery rate, he said that India is doing better than the countries having more resources. He compared that India has 5,500 covid cases per 10 lakh people while the number is 25,000 in the US and Brazil. Likewise, the fatality rate in India is around 83 per million people as against more than 600 deaths per 10 lakh in nations like the US, Brazil, Spain, and Britain. He underlined India’s success in handling the virus, mentioning the low positive rate and drastic increase in testing. However, he advised people to follow the norms as all the developed nations have seen a rise in cases after a decrease. Cases in India fell below the 50,000 mark for the first time in the last three months. The country registered around 21000 cases today with 118 deaths.

In all, the increasing crowds and ignorance of Covid protocols is a looming threat over all that has been achieved until now. It may become a reason for a second spike post the festivities. Hence, we must alter our behaviour and follow the protocol to remain safe and enjoy festivals.

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