PM Modi Announces Retraction of the Three Farm Laws

After a year-long protest, farmers finally receive some good news. Farmers of the nation see glimpses of victory as PM Modi announced the retraction of the three farm laws. Just months before the UP and Punjab elections, PM Modi announces the farm law withdrawal.

PM Modi Live Announcement

The nation’s prime minister addressed the country in the morning, wishing everyone on the occasion of Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Nanak Dev. Following that, he began sharing his views on the three controversial farm laws. Initially, he insisted that the farm laws were implemented for the welfare of small and marginal farmers. Further, Narendra Modi defended the laws as reforms that would benefit the farmers of the nation. Subsequently, he acknowledged that the government could not convince everyone regarding the benefits of the three laws. Finally, he admitted that the center has decided to repeal the laws.

Further on, PM urged the farmers to stop the yearlong protest. Next, he defended his action by quoting “Whatever I did was for the welfare of the farmers, now what I am doing is for the nation”.

The Controversial Laws Raging Protest

The farm laws propagated in early 2020 were said to affect the farmers directly with regard to trade. Them being- Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce, farmers’ Agreement on Price Assurance and Farmers services act and Essential Commodities Act. Finally, on 27 September 2020, the farm laws were implemented as ordinances after receiving a nod from the president of India. Thus, began the most controversial farmer protest in India. The raging protest is mainly due to the fear of the new farm laws dismantling the MSP system. Secondly, the corporate world will take over to manipulate the pricing system in accordance with their profits.

As of today, the protest comes to an end for now following the PM Modi announcement

In all, PM Modi clearly states the revoking of farm laws in the parliament session starting on November 29. However, the withdrawal seems to be a decision based on the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.

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