Paddy Prices in India Mandi Wise Report 13 August 2021

Monsoon rain deficit set to affect paddy cultivation across India. Reports from Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh indicate low paddy cultivation this year. Further, reports from Punjab and Haryana also confirm that 1509 and 1121 basmati paddy cultivation is low compared to the 2020-21 season. India produced a record 122 Million Metric Tons of rice in the 2020-21 season which is 3 million metric tons more than the 2019-20 season.

Paddy Prices in India as on 13.08.2021 Mandi Wise Report

VarietyLocationPrice (Per Quintal in INR)
1121 BasmatiAmritsar, Punjab2850
1121 BasmatiDabra, Madhya Pradesh2600-2700
1121 BasmatiMainpuri, Uttar Pradesh2450
1509 BasmatiAmritsar, Punjab2150
1509 BasmatiIndri, Haryana2250
1509 BasmatiSafidon, Haryana2390
1509 BasmatiDabra, Madhya Pradesh1700-2200
1509 BasmatiKarnal, Haryana2290
1509 BasmatiMainpuri, Uttar Pradesh2000
1509 BasmatiJahangirabad, Uttar Pradesh2400
1718 BasmatiMainpuri, Uttar Pradesh2450
SugandhaJahangirabad, Uttar Pradesh2200
SugandhaDabra, Madhya Pradesh2200-2250
SharbatiJahangirabad, Uttar Pradesh1750
BPT New Sona MasooriMahbubnagar, Telangana2100
BPT Single Sona MasooriMahbubnagar, Telangana2200
BPT Double Sona MasooriMahbubnagar, Telangana2500
BPT New Sona MasooriNizamabad, Telangana1870
BPT New Sona MasooriGuntur, Andhra Pradesh1500
RNR Sona MasooriMahbubnagar, Telangana1750
RNR Sona December CropMahbubnagar, Telangana2250
RNR Sona Old Crop 1 YearMahbubnagar, Telangana2500
RNR Sona Old Crop 2 YearsMahbubnagar, Telangana2800
RNR Sona Masoori OldRaichur, Karnataka1900
RNR Sona Masoori NewRaichur, Karnataka1400
RNR Sona Masoori NewNizamabad, Telangana1850
RNR Sona Masoori OldNizamabad, Telangana2000
RNR Sona MasooriGuntur, Andhra Pradesh1600
Sona Masoori NewRaichur, Karnataka1650
Kaveri Sona MasooriRaichur, Karnataka1400
HMT NewGuntur, Andhra Pradesh1800
Chitti MuthyaluMahbubnagar, Telangana4000
MTU 1010Mahbubnagar, Telangana1890
IR Non-BPTNizamabad, Telangana1750
Super Seed NewNizamabad, Telangana1850
Super Seed OldNizamabad, Telangana2000
Jai Sri Ram NewNizamabad, Telangana2950
GK NewNizamabad, Telangana1750
Grand OldRaichur, Karnataka2000
Paddy Prices in India as on 13.08.2021

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