More than 54% Skills of Youth in South Asia unfit for employment in 2030

In recent reports, the Global Business Coalition of Education (GBC- Education), the Education Commission and UNICEF claimed that nearly half the South Asia Youth are unfit for employment in 2030 as they lack the necessary skills. This highlighted requirement of change in curriculum and training so that youth develop necessary skills for future.

Voices of Youth” survey 

UNICEF recently surveyed 32,000 young people in South Asia to understand their ability to face the modern economy. Accordingly, an estimated 54% of youth lack the necessary skills to concur a decent job in the next decade. Furthermore, the reasons stated by the young people for their absence of skills majorly comprised three. First bribery demands and biased hiring practices (44%), second insufficient amenities to improve employment (23%) and finally the lack of work experience viz practicality (26%).

South Asia’s Critical Crisis

South Asia provides the largest Youth Force in the world with over half of the 1.8 billion population under the age of 24, as predicted by UNICEF. In addition, UNICEF reported that India is facing a similar issue. Over 50% of Indians will not have skills for employment in 2030.

Addressing the youth population, it can reap a significant amount of economic growth. Furthermore, projecting the talented and capable youth in the right direction could diminish poverty. However, the lack of guidance in the employment sector on skills might doom economic growth.

Few Pointers that Led to the Lack of Skills

Several countries, significantly India still follow an outdated curriculum that does not add to the required occupational skills. Additionally, the under-qualified faculties and the insufficient facilities add to the misery. On the other hand, youth are not made aware of the skill development programs conducted by the government.

Programs Trying to Bridge the Gap

Addressing these, UNICEF initiated ‘Skill India” and ‘Start-up India’ programs which are considerably doing well. Further, emphasizing the need to employ women, women and Child Development Minister, Smiriti Irani launched programs that employ over 300 million young Indians.

Concentrating on the modern economy, it is necessary to adapt to the fast-changing working world. Therefore, the government must focus on spreading awareness about the program thereby increasing skills and bridging the gap.

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