India Wheat, Bajra, Barley and Maize Rates on 05 May 2020

Unseasonal rains damaged wheat crop in North India. Food Corporation of India set the procurement target of wheat at 35 million tonnes. This is one million tonnes more than the previous year. However, many farmers have damaged wheat due to unseasonal rains that are being rejected by FCI. With the private procurement at minimal levels due to lockdown restrictions, farmers are left stranded on where to sell their damaged crop.

Find the current Wheat Price in India below
Quality Mandi Price Day Low (Per Quintal) Price Day High (Per Quintal)
Wheat Top NCR INR 1970 INR 1980
Wheat Mill NCR INR 1800INR 1840
Wheat Mill Kota INR 1750INR 1880
Wheat Top Rajashtan INR 1880INR 1980
Wheat Mill Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand INR 1850INR 1925
Wheat Top Uttar Pradesh INR 1920INR 1980
Wheat LokwanUttar PradeshINR 2200INR 2300
Wheat Mill Punjab INR 1925 INR 1980
Wheat Dara Gujarat INR 1650INR 1780
Wheat Mill Gujarat INR 1900INR 1980
Wheat Mill Chennai, Kerala, Tamil Nadu INR 2150INR 2280
Wheat Sharbati Madhya Pradesh INR 2100INR 2300
Wheat Mill Madhya Pradesh INR 1900INR 1980
Wheat Dara Madhya Pradesh INR 1810INR 1890
Wheat MP Sharbati (Retail) National INR 2800INR 3000
Wheat Prices Mandi as on 05 May 2020
Millet and Coarse Grains

Research project on Pearl Millet by ANGRAU was awarded at the 55th Annual Group Meeting. After receiving the award, Mr Veeraraghavaiah stated that the newly released variety ‘ABV 04’ performed well across the agriculture research centres. The variety performed better in terms of output and disease resistance in comparison to other released varieties of pearl millet.

Find the current Barley and Bajra Price in India below
Product and Quality Mandi Price Day Low (Per Quintal) Price Day High (Per Quintal)
Bajra Gujarat INR 1750 INR 1780
Bajra Bold Gujarat INR 1920 INR 1970
Barley Dara Rajasthan INR 1340 INR 1450
Barley Top Uttar Pradesh INR 1710 INR 1850

Barley and Bajra Price in India as on 05 May 2020

State Government’s across India are urging farmers to cultivate maize instead of paddy. Some government’s even declared an MSP of 1780 on Maize crop so that farmers adopt the same. With poultry farm sector facing losses in India, farmers are unlikely to shift to Maize cultivation this year.

Find the current Maize (Makka) Price in India below
Quality State Price Day Low (Per Quintal) Price Day High (Per Quintal)
Maize Feed Gujarat INR 1300 INR 1350
Maize White Gujarat INR 2350 INR 2350
Maize Feed Rajasthan INR 1300 INR 1350
Maize Uttar Pradesh INR 1750 INR 1775
Maize Feed Tamil Nadu INR 1400 INR 1500
Maize Feed Odisha INR 1450 INR 1500
Maize Karnataka INR 1300 INR 1410
Maize Feed Delhi INR 1300 INR 1350

Maize Rates in India as on 05 May 2020
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