Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme (GEMs) SIDBI

SIDBI’s Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme for MSMEs (GEMs) provides capital investment credit to MSMEs. In return, aiding to invest in marketing, brand building, distribution network conception, research and development, production, export, and so on.

Necessity for GEMs

MSME’s major fallback is primarily due to the lack of capital. Neither the owner can afford the required capital nor there are any external source of investment. Mainly due to transaction charges, complex exit, ambiguity in equity, MSMEs parameters, control, lack of strategy, etc. Also, they struggle to procure the loan assistance required for the functioning of MSMEs. Thus, the GEM assists to raise the necessary capital and the investment. Furthermore, reasons for the need of Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme are as follows:

  1. The growth ambitions cannot be met with the limited owner’s financial capability.
  2. MSMEs do not follow a corporate regime, hence they struggle to raise capital.
  3. External investors are minimal due to the complexities.
  4. Non-asset loans are difficult to attain under normal debit schemes.
Objectives of Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme
  1. Make available capital for the promising MSMEs as per the MSMED Act, 2006.
  2. Further, assistance in the usage of finance for expanding, modernization, or diversification purposes.
  3. Raising investments for intangibles or non-assets such as research and development, marketing, upgradation, etc.
  4. Meanwhile, help to raise money for MSMEs for expenditure concerning the advancement of the MSMEs.
Growth Capital of Growth Capital and Equity Assistance Scheme

To provide capital that helps to strengthen the business. However, emphasize that it is without any collateral security or asset.

Equity Assistance of GEMs

Mainly to cover the distance between the external investment and the owner’s capital.

Why SIDBI for GEMs?  

SIDBI provides several innovative financial assistance that renders to all the MSMEs. Accordingly, it offers Subordinated Debt (SD), which gives quasi-equity aid with minimum complexes of equity and easy documentation. In another case, it also provides Optionally Convertible Subordinated Debt (OCSD) that aids all types of MSMEs. Because it is convertible to equity with equity kickers. Besides, they work in association with VC funds, NBFCs as delivery networks working as either channel partners or credit deliverers. Thus, aiding in attaining the capital and thereby in the MSMEs advancements.

MSMEs Advantages from GEMs
  1. MSMEs will attain long term assistance in investment without tangible assets.
  2. Also, they can use sub-debt assistance to attain higher debt funds through SIDBI.
  3. This is self-liquidating, and also fewer complex terms.
Eligibility for availing the benefits of GEMs

The applicant unit must be a functional MSME, following the MSMES act, 2006. Also, must fulfill the criteria hereunder:

  1. Profitability (3 years).
  2. Good track record in the bank (2 years).
  3. Further, priority will be given to applicants that are referred by private equity investors, venture capital funds, and angel funds.
  4. Must have a satisfactory credit rating from CRISIL, ICRA, D&B, SMERA or related institutes.
Nature of Assistance 

The GEMs scheme offers soft loans with relatively soft terms in the form of

  1. SD
  2. OCSD
  3. Quasi- equity
  4. Mezzanine
  5. Optionally Convertible Debt (OCD)
  6. Optionally Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares (OCCPS)- Equity dependent products
Terms of Assistance 
  1. The extent of assistance varies on the need and it not less than 25 lakhs
  2. Less than 50% of the post-project worth
  3. The tenure can last up to 7 years
  4. Considering equity investments, the exit must be within the 7 years
  5. Repayment must follow the guidelines previously set by the mutual parties depending on the cashflow of the unit
  6. The lending rate will be 2-3% over the SIDBI’s usual debit rate
How to Apply 

The applicant must provide a brief on their business, following that send a copy of the duly filled and signed copy to the nearest SIDBI office. In case of online, send a mail to for the basic approval. Subsequently, after the preliminary approval, the applicant will issue an application from SIDBI.

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