Coronavirus in India: COVID-19 Cases Touch 259 in Maharashtra and 234 in Kerala

Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra touched 259 this morning as it became the worst affected state in the country with 11 Deaths and 39 recovered patients. In addition, Kerala reported a total of 234 COVID-19 cases today becoming the second most affected state in India.

Maharashtra the Worst Affected State in India

Maharashtra has reported the most cases and deaths in India due to COVID-19. Increased testing is the urgent need of the hour in the state to control the outbreak. Pune, Mumbai and Buldhana districts remain coronavirus hotbeds in the state. Migrant workers escaping Maharashtra is another worrying task for the Government to resolve because if the virus infects any of them, we can expect the state to struggle for a long haul.

Worrying Signs of Rise in Cases in Delhi

Coronavirus cases in Delhi increased from 74 to 97 in a day with 2 deaths and 22 recovered patients. The state showed worrying signs due to Nizamuddin mosque event which has infected more than 46 people. The situation is being compared with South Korea where 60% of the cases were linked to the coronavirus hotbed church in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. Apparently, the priests sprayed salt-water on followers without disinfecting which led to a massive coronavirus spread.

If Nizamuddin mosque had similar hygiene practices, we may expect a massive coronavirus outbreak in Delhi in the coming days.

Kerala Reports Second Death

A 68-year-old man positive of Coronavirus COVID-19 died today due to kidney failure in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Second death in the state after a 69-year-old man died on Saturday at Kochi Medical College, Kerala.

State’s need to take the migrant workers movement seriously across India. Either provide them with transport and afterwards compulsory 15 day quarantine at their homes or provide shelter with food in their current state. Total cases in India touched 1429 as on 31.03.2020, with 50 Deaths and 145 recovered patients.

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