Coronavirus Cases in Andhra Pradesh Climb to 1097

Coronavirus cases in Andhra Pradesh increased to 1097 today with 81 new cases confirmed today. This is the highest single-day spike in Coronavirus cases recorded in Andhra Pradesh till date.

Surprisingly, the infection here is also spreading amongst the cops, healthcare staff and doctors. Several of the ostentatious doctors and health workers have tested positive or are under quarantine due to suspicion.

Guntur and Kurnool, The Hotspot Districts 

Guntur and Kurnool Districts both have recorded more than 200 cases. The Government declared these districts red zones in Andhra Pradesh.

District Wise Coronavirus Cases
Tally in Andhra Pradesh
Total Cases
West Godavari51
East Godavari39
Coronavirus Cases in Andhra Pradesh District Wise List

Besides that, the AP government declared all these districts hotspots in the state.

Tablighi Jamaat Link 

District officials confirmed that over 70% of cases in the state are linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event. Over 100 people from Andhra Pradesh who had attended the religious gathering tested positive. Further, many family members and close relatives that came to contact with them tested positive. This has forced all the leaders to encourage self-quarantine among the participants who are adamant to admit themselves to care. 

2 Truck Drivers Infected 40 People in Vijayawada City in Andhra Pradesh

When the whole country is in lockdown, and every citizen is playing their part to control Coronavirus widespread, two truck drivers ventured into socialising and play cards infecting 40 people.

One of the truck drivers held a card game at his house because he was bored that led to 24 people getting COVID-19. In another instance, a social gathering held by another truck driver infected 16 people. District collector of Krishna confirmed these two instances and appealed to people to stay home and not stop socialising during Coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus Deaths and Recovered Cases in Andhra Pradesh

Total deaths due to COVID-19 in Andhra Pradesh are 31 while 231 Coronavirus patients have recovered in the state.

Special Mention

The chief of Visakhapatnam’s municipal body has officially joined duty right after three weeks of delivering a baby. The IAS officer emphasized that at this hour of need Country needs her service and it is her sole duty to serve India.

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