Wheat Bajra Jowar Barley Maize: Grain Prices as on 23-09-2019

Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) have released new wheat variety called HD-3226 (Pusa Yashasvi). HD-3226 is released for commercial cultivation for the upcoming rabi season. The current cultivation includes in states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (Parts), Jammu and Kashmir (Parts), Himachal Pradesh (Parts) and Uttarakhand (parts).

Average yield of HD-3226 is expected to be more than 57.5 quintals in one-hectare land. This variety is highly disease resistant specifically yellow, brown and black rust, karnal bunt, powdery mildew, loose smut and foot rot.  High Protein content, extraction rate and high zinc value are other quality parameters favouring HD-3226.

Bajra is expected to trade on lower side once arrival in mandi’s increases in the coming weeks.

Find the current prices of grains as on 23.09.2019 below:

Commodity Mandi Price (Per Quintal)
Wheat Mill Quality Top NCR INR 2150
Wheat Mill Quality Normal NCR INR 2000 – INR 2040
Wheat Rajasthan INR 1910 – INR 1945
Wheat Top Rajasthan INR 2100 – INR 2250
Wheat Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand INR 1875 – INR 1980
Wheat Punjab INR 1950 – INR 2010
Wheat Gujarat INR 1900
Wheat Mill Quality Gujarat INR 2100 – INR 2175
Wheat Mill Quality (South India) Chennai, Kerala, Tamil Nadu INR 2450 – INR 2600
Wheat Sharbati Madhya Pradesh INR 2850 – INR 3000
Wheat Madhya Pradesh INR 2100 – INR 2150
Wheat West Bengal INR 1960 – INR 2060
Wheat MP Sharbati (Retail) National INR 3400
Bajra Gujarat INR 2100
Bajra Delhi INR 1870
Jowar White Gujarat INR 2900 – 2950
Jowar White Maharashtra INR 2850 – INR 3100
Jowar White Rajasthan INR 2350 – INR 2550
Jowar Red Maharashtra INR 2050 – INR 2250
Jowar Red Chhattisgarh INR 2100 – INR 2250
Jowar Red Uttar Pradesh INR 2175
Jowar White Karnataka INR 2850
Jowar Red Gujarat INR 2000 – INR 2200
Barley Rajasthan INR 1890 – INR 1900
Maize (Makka) Gujarat INR 2175
Maize (Makka) Top Mill Quality Gujarat INR 2300
Maize (Makka) Red Bihar INR 1950
Maize (Makka) Top Bihar INR 2150
Maize (Makka) Feed Quality Punjab INR 1960 – INR 2000
Maize (Makka) West Bengal INR 2200 – INR 2250
Maize (Makka) Delhi INR 2100
Maize (Makka) Maharashtra INR 2300 – INR 2500

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