USD/ INR: Indian Rupee Forex Report on 29 November

USD/INR- The Indian Currency closes close to 75 due to inflation concerns, however, it does not exceed 75 despite pre-fed woes. Accordingly, it settled at 74.35 on 29 November. The Indian rupee traded between 74.286- 74.515 today. As of now, the dollar inflow and the intervention from RBI weaken the upward trend of USD/INR. On the other hand, the dollar index increased today. Accordingly, its value rose and settled at 96.09 of 04:25 PM EDT Monday.

USD/ INR: Oil Prices

The US WTI crude oil prices are highly volatile. Oil refiners are beginning to face the margins affected due to the record high prices of natural gases in Europe and Asia. Also, the oil demand forecasts fall flat as the demand continues to grow. Owing to this, the prediction of oil prices is highly uncertain these days. The recent news is that the oil prices are set to rise high based on the huge crude inventory draw. Accordingly, crude oil decreased by 0.20% at 04:40 PM on 22 November to trade at USD 75.79 per barrel globally. On the other hand, Brent Crude was set at USD 78.71 per barrel and traded at a rate of 0.23% lower.

USD/ INR- Gold Prices

Precious metal prices are slowing rebounding in India, they are highly volatile trying to regain their momentum. . As of Monday, gold futures decreased by 0.25% or 121.00 settles at 48707.00 per 10 gram on the multi-commodity exchange. At the same time, Silver futures rose by 51.00 or 0.08% to settle at 65607.00 kg. The scare of the emergence of the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic and the COVID-19 mutants kept precious metals’ prices on edge this year. In the international market, Spot Gold was trading at USD 1793 per ounce in New York. On the other hand, Silver traded at USD 23.95 per ounce.

USD/ INR- Sensex Today

The BSE Sensex fell and ended in the red on 29 November following the fall last week. Accordingly, Sensex decreased by 1.96% or 1170.12 points. Thereby, ending the session at 58465.89 at 4:10 PM IST Monday. On the other hand, the NIFTY also decreased by 1.96% or 348.25 points and ended at 17416.55.

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