Process and Online Application for DIN in India

To maintain the legality of the business/ company and its director, the Director Identification Number (DIN) came into force. Accordingly, DIN is the unique 8-digit number assigned to the director. Further, The Companies Act, 2006 (section 266A- 266G) clearly states its purpose. 

To clarify, the DIN remains the same even if the director changes the establishment. Thus, it is confined to an individual and non- perishable. Similarly, an individual issues a DPIN (Designation Partner Identification Number) on the basis of the designation. 

Available Forms for DIN Application

The forms available on/line for this purpose is as follows 

  1. SPICe form: This form in case the individual is the first director of a fresh company 
  2. DIR-3 Form: This form in case the individual is becoming the director of an already established company 
  3. DIR-6 Form: The form is useful when the individual has to make changes in the existing DIN information.
Documents Required 

The general documents that are essential for the process are:

  1. Proof of identity- PAN card for residents of India. While for Non- residents and foreign Nationals passport acts as the Proof of identity 
  2. Proof of address- Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, bank statements, Educational certificates, Birth certificate, and various forms of bills 
  3. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
Additional details based on the forms 

In addition to the basic details, the applicant must submit a few additional information based on the form 

For SPICe Form
  1. Type of entity 
  2. Company details 
  3. Details regarding the main division
  4. Company’s address 
  5. Applicant’s details 
  6. Initial subscribers of MOA and the directors 
  7. Payment details of stamp duties 
  8. PAN (also TAN) 
  9. Information about the enrollment under Employee State Insurance Company (ESIC)
  10. Applications of Employee Provident fund (Number of people) and Miscellaneous Act
  11. Employees with income lesser than Rs 15,000
  12. Importer Exporter Code 
  13. Investment details 
  14. Declarations 
  15. DSC with the signatory details 
  16. Attach Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and Affidavit 
For DIR- 3 form
  1. Name of the applicant and his/ her father 
  2. Citizenship of India, in any other case, mention the Nationality 
  3. Residential and Occupational details 
  4. Date of Birth 
  5. Gender 
  6. PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License and Aadhar details
  7. Attach the proof for the above 
  8. Verification
  9. Digital Signature
  10. Authorization and DSC of Chartered accountant, Cost Accountant or Secretary 
For DIR- 6 form

The same details provided in DIR-3 is necessary. In addition to that, these details must be provided 

  1. DIN
  2. Type of Change 
  3. Director’s Name
  4. Contact details 
Points to Remember before stating the Application Protocol

These pointers will minimize the chances of application rejections

  1. Cross-check all the details, as incorrect documents and information will lead to disapproval of the form 
  2. Attach all the necessary documents 
  3. Self- attest the forms 
  4. The DIN will be canceled on the death of the person, or when the means of issuing DIN is found to be fraudulent 
Protocol to apply for DIN

The basic procedure will follow six phases, that is providing documents, filling the form, Digital signature, Payment, generating DIN, and verification of e-form.

The downloaded DIN application will look identical to the picture
The downloaded DIN application will look identical to the picture

The general process of obtaining DIN is as follows:

  1. Filling the form is an offline procedure. Therefore, initially download the form on considering the requirements and fill it.
  2. Following the filling process of the application, go to the MCA website 
  3. Subsequently, Create an account and log in
  4. Submit the form with the documents mentioned earlier in the article
  5. Consequently, the next step is payment of Rs 500. Payment can be via debit or credit card
  6. Finally, collect the acknowledgment as a sign for the payment and application submission

After scrutiny, the DIN will be generated if the same info is found to be true and apt in 3-4 days. Meanwhile, the status can be inquired here. On the contrary, if a duplicate is found, a provisional DIN will be issued that will be changed on verification through DIR-4

Protocol for cancellation of DIN 

In some cases, like duplication, inappropriate usage, an application to cancel the DIN may be initiated. Thus, any individual in quest of cancellation or deactivation should acquiesce an application with any official authorized by the Regional Director. Note that, it is important to attach the proof of misconduct. On intense scrutiny of the proof attached with the application, the allotted DIN will be canceled or deactivated

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