INR Appreciates Against US Dollar

Today INR opened at 76.17 against US Dollar, during intraday surged to 76.05 before settling at 76.24. Forex Investors’ sentiments backed hope after the Bank of Japan declared a stimulus to help better the disrupted global economy with the help of other Central Banks. Also, the Indian market gained momentum after RBI announced INR 50,000 crore Special Liquidity Facility for Mutual funds and AMCs.

Today, the dollar index traded low by .40% at around 99.97 which gave a little room for INR to strengthen. Asian currencies performed well against USD.

Gold Futures

Today’s Gold prices touched INR 46650 per 10 grams and increased by INR 123 per 10 grams. Experts suggest the gold price will find it hard to sustain in this global economy. Gold prices after touching high in this month of INR 47327 per 10 grams became volatile losing its position.

In the time of pandemic and panic across the globe, gold performance enhances and investors seek to it for protection against volatility. In addition, investors fear a recession in the economy and shift to Gold as hope.


Foreign Institutional Investors today took out more than INR 916 crores from the Indian stock market. Shares of valued INR 3888.01 crores bought and stock value of 4804.43 crores sold in today’s session.

Domestic Institutional Investors marked growth in investment in the Indian market by around Rs 1141.97 crores. A total of Rs 4502.75 crores of stock value bought and around Rs 3360.78 crores of stock value sold.

No Decrease in Oil Prices

Indian Oil Chairman, Mr Sanjiv Singh, declared today about the full supply of BS-VI petrol and diesel across the country in over 68700 pumps without any decrease in prices as they look to take benefit from the drop in crude oil prices.

Coronavirus Update in India

Coronavirus cases in India surged to 29455 today. Confirmed deaths increased to 944, and cured cases stand at 21377. Also, shortage and inefficiency of healthcare systems and equipment pose a problem for the general public in India and a threat to the Government.

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