Delhi Coronavirus Cases Jumps to 87360

Delhi is the third worst-hit state due to COVID-19 in India. Currently, it hosts 87360 COVID-19 positive cases as 2199 cases reported today. Delhi has 26270 active cases as 2113 recovered in the state yesterday. The death toll is at 2742.

Delhi Coronavirus Report

Central Delhi remains the worst affected with over 184 Coronavirus cases. Coronavirus cases in South East Delhi and East Delhi report 130 and 122 cases, respectively. Further, all parts of the national capital have 25 or more coronavirus cases reported until date. There are 86572 unknown cases as on date in Delhi.

Death Rate and Cured Cases

The mortality rate is at 3.14% compared to the national average of 2.96%. The recovery rate is 66.79%, one of the highest in the country. Total of Recovered cases increased to 58348 as 2113 cured today. While the death rate stands at 2742 as 62 deaths noted today.

Delhi has conducted 531752 COVID-19 tests till 30th June. Currently, it conducts 26837 tests per million people. Of one million tests, 4409 people test positive for COVID-19 infection. Also, for every 100 positive cases, 30 are currently active.

ASHA Workers Help Track COVID-19 Cases

Union Health minister confirms that ASHA workers have tracked over 31 lakh migrants returning from UP. Amid the pandemic, the state struggled to trace the returnees in the initial days. Nevertheless, ASHA workers located the migrants in Delhi in two phases. Also, helping the government in surveillance and tracking the whereabouts of the suspected migrants.

A Plea Seeking Free COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

Recently, a plea requesting free treatment and testing was registered. Following that, the High court in Delhi declined the appeal as the free cost will affect the private hospitals drastically. Further, bearing in mind the dedication of health workers, the government grants ex-gratia to frontline’s families that have died due to the disease.

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