Coronavirus Cases in Delhi Cross 3000

After a buffer period of relatively low Coronavirus cases reported in Delhi, Capital reported 206 cases on Tuesday. While the total confirmed cases surged to 3314 with 2182 active patients, among this, Delhi records 54 Coronavirus deaths and 1078 cured cases. First 1,000 Coronavirus cases in Delhi were recorded in 42 days while the next 1,000 cases in 8 days.

An Alarming Growth Rate of Coronavirus cases 

Initial, spurge of Coronavirus cases in Delhi seen since the Tablighi event attendees tested positive. Currently, a more worrying rise of 3 digit increase in cases amid lockdown is worrying. Even more appalling is that the positive patients comprise nurses, doctors, and frontline workers. Further, the hotspots regions in Delhi have risen to 97.

Staff Members at the Hospitals Test Positive 

The Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital in Rohini was sealed since the 29 hospital staff personnel including nurses, doctors, paramedics, and staff of the hospital tested positive.

Max Hospital in Delhi’s Patparganj area confirmed 33 Coronavirus cases among its employees. All confirmed cases shifted to a quarantine facility at the east block of Max Hospital Saket. Hospital officials confirmed that they would conduct COVID-19 test on all employees and patients who came in contact with the positive staff members. In another instance, the Hindu Rao Hospital in Civil Lines closed down after a nurse tested positive.

Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital Sealed 

Shockingly, Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital has reported over 75 confirmed Coronavirus cases among the staff of the hospital including doctors. Accordingly, to avoid spread, they closed the hospital. Nonetheless, critical patients are being administered while no new patients are taken in.

Jahangirpuri Hotspot

Jahangirpuri area confirmed over 100 Coronavirus cases and is one of the biggest hotspots in Delhi. Also, 6 out of the seven contaminant zones lie in this region with over 2 lakh residents. Further, the Baba Saheb hospital doubles the criticality of the catastrophe.

However, the Government has gained control over the situation by sealing down along with complete patrolling and monitoring of the area. Also, a disinfection drive is underway using tankers to spray sodium hypochlorite.

Low Fatality Rate Even With Over 3000 Cases

The capital reported 206 new cases on Tuesday while on the optimistic side, it reported zero deaths. Also, among the deceased, over 85% of the patients had severe illnesses before COVID-19 infection.

The fatality rate in Delhi stands at 1.74% that is below the national fatality rate of over 3.00%. However, on the pessimistic side, the cases rise steeply with over 97 hotspots. Therefore, to contain spread door to door surveillance, sanitation, and awareness are mandatory in these regions.

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