Caravan G SFK is the group of compamies which are active participants of the international grain trading. The company’s core activity is exporting grain, oil and legume crops grown by the industry’s large enterprises. For 20 years the global food security is our main goal. The key of the successful international trade is logistics and we are proud that we have the best specialists in this sphere. Let’s bring the world together.


Our main directions: Iran, Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Persian gulf countries.


Feed Barley, origin:Kazakhstan, crop 2023.




Test Weight: min. 68.0 kg/hl; ISO 7971-3;1995

Total Aflatoxin max. 20 pbb;

Protein on Dry Basis: min. 12%

Moisture:max.14.0%; ISO 712:2009

TVN max. 50 mg/100g .

Heated Seeds:max. 1.0%;

Insect Damaged: max. 3.0%;

Molded Seeds: max. 0.2%;

Other Seeds: max. 7.0%;

E. Coli: less 10 / gr ;

Salmonella: Negative in 25 gr;

Arsenic: max. 2 ppm (mg/kg);

Cadmium:max. 1 ppm (mg/kg);

Mercury max. 0.1 ppm (mg/kg);

GMO:Not Allowed

ST RK 2119-2011


Feed barley: CIF Bandar Amirabad – 172 USD for 1 MT; CIF Bandar Abbas – 185 USD for 1 MT; CIF Istanbul – 181 USD for 1 MT, CIF Augusta – 185 USD for 1 MT.


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