Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Cases Cross 90000

Tamil Nadu reported 3943 new Coronavirus cases on 30th June. Total Coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu surges to 90167. Active cases as on date stand at 38892 as a total of 2325 patients recovered, and 60 deaths reported on Tuesday. The death toll in Tamil Nadu is at 1201.

COVID-19 Tests in Tamil Nadu

Tests conducted till date by the state are 1170683, one of the highest in the country. Total tests performed increased to 15466 per million. 1191 out of every million have tested positive for Coronavirus infection in Tamil Nadu. Currently, for every 100 positive cases, 43 are active cases.

Death Rate and Cured Cases in Tamil Nadu

Mortality rate stands at 1.33% compared to the national average of 2.96%. Total of Recovered cases increases to 50074 as 2325 cured in the state on Thursday. Meanwhile, the recovery rate stands at 55.53% while the death tally is now at 1201 as sixty fatalities noted today.

District Wise Report

Chennai hosts over 58327 COVID-19 positive cases as 2358 cases reported today. It remains the worst affected area with the tally nearing 60000. Chengalpettu and Thiruvallur Districts confirmed 5419 and 3830 total Coronavirus positive cases. The least affected district is Dharmapuri with 81 COVID-19 cases. As of today, all the regions in Tamil Nadu host 81 or more Coronavirus positive cases.

Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown till July 31

Tamil Nadu reports the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases each passing day. Further, it is the second-worst affected state in India due to the pandemic outbreak, hosting over 90167 positive cases. Also, the number of deaths due to the infection is high in the state. Acknowledging the worrisome situation and also to contain the spread, the government extends lockdown till 31st July. Furthermore, severe restrictions and intense lockdown will be in place for Chennai and Madurai in the coming days.

Experts Highlight that the Lockdown Cannot be the Only Solution

The Tamil Nadu Expert Committee for tackling COVID-19 does not recommend the extension of lockdown. Instead, it advises the government to impose region and scenario-based restrictions to contain the spread. Dr Prabhdeep Kaur suggests that fever camps help decrease the transmission and simultaneously increase the doubling time of the Coronavirus infection. Moreover, she hints that functional public transport is one of the primary reasons for the recent spike in cases, and it is crucial to control it.

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